Hier - Aujourd'hui - Demain

Hier - Aujourd'hui - Demain is a charming odds and ends shop of the 3rd district where you can find vintage children's toys, retro glasses at very low prices, or antique jewelry.

The Vintedge had especially a crush on the small robots mechanical key, very difficult to find nowadays, as well as model ships and submarines.

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Credit cards accepted Handicapped accessible French, English French, English

Address:  14 rue de Bretagne - 75003
Stations:  Filles du Calvaire

Phone number:  +33 (0) 142 776 902

Email: solo.ravel@free.fr

Available for  Men, Women, Kids
Consignment Shop:  No
What's in there:  A wide selection of toys for all ages. Car collections for child at 150€, robots from 29€ to 99€, submarines collection at 175€, vintage jewels, sunglasses 10€...
Founded in:  1980

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2012-09-10 Agathe Une boutique fascinante, coup de coeur pour les petits robots metalliques à clé, adorables