Vintage Story 66

Vintage Story 66 is a real supermarket of thrift spread over 500m²!

The atmosphere and design are mostly retro American, and people come especially for the huge selection of clothe: teddys, Levi's denim jackets, dresses / skirts (70's / 80's), micro shorts, perfectos etc... Dr. Martens are legion.

Clothes are for both men and women, and the selection is not limited to clothes. Jewelries are very impressive, and the shoes corner is awesome. Nice selection of bags on the ground floor, and designer clothes and "Wasted" brand on the 1st floor.

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Credit cards accepted Not handicapped accessible French, English French, English

Address:  66, rue Saint-Denis - 75001
Stations:  Rambuteau, Etienne-Marcel, Châtelet - Les Halles
  RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D

Opening hours Everyday from 11am to 8pm.
Phone number:  +33 (0) 140 390 614

Available for  Men, Women
Clothes origin / restocking:  Most items comes from the U.S. and the UK, however you will also find jackets that come from Poland or Romania. Restocking is done every Friday.
Consignment Shop:  No

Pricing:  €€
What's in there:  A wide selection of vintage clothes and accessories ranging from the 20s to the 90s in a wide space of 500m ². We can find on the ground floor American dresses from the 20s at 80€, dresses from the 80s from 40€ to 60€, Levi's jackets sleeveless at 30€ and with sleeves at 40€. Levi's shorts at 25€, leather jackets at 60€, Burberry trench, at 80€, leather belts at 10€, scarves at 5€. You will discover on the first floor, a wide selection of boots at 25€, Tiags at 30€, Doc Martens from 20€ to 40€ and Converse at 15€. In terms of clothing, the first floor is more oriented to the "Hippy Modern" where T-shirts cost 10€, and Levis customized are at 25€. Clothing Customization is a specialty of Vintage 66. Specialists in the shop are here to advise you and offer you different styles of customization for a very reasonable price. You will also find in the back of the shop on your left, a wide selection of vintage jewelry (from dead stock vintage).
Founded in:  December 2011
We like:  Vendors are specialized in their sector and have rich information about the origin of the clothes or accessories sold in the shop. The wide choice of quality shoes and bags.
Opportunity to meet:  Tourists, designers...

The Vintage Factory

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