Hippy Market (Etienne Marcel)

Behind Hippy Market is hidden the largest global network of vintage clothing, Eureka, who owns also the well known French shop Kiliwatch. Implanted in 14 countries with over 2,500 employees, Eureka collects annually more than 36 million tons of clothes.

Hippy Market'style (shop design and clothes) is definitely 'hippy' and 70's.

Prices are slighly higher than in medium range second hand shops, but it might be the price to pay for choice and cleanliness, and all the clothes are well sorted and presented. If you are impatient and demanding, this shop is for you

Hippy Market has opened several shops in Paris and throughout France.

All details

Credit cards accepted Handicapped accessible French

Address:  3, rue de Turbigo
Stations:  Les Halles, Etienne Marcel
  RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D

Opening hours Monday from 2pm to 7.30, and from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7.30pm.
Phone number:  +33 (0) 144 882 782

Email: bb1154@blue-box.fr
Website:  www.hippy-market.fr

Available for  Men, Women
Clothes origin / restocking:  Restocking is done every week.
Consignment Shop:  No

Pricing:  €€
What's in there:  Clothes, shoes and accessories from the 70s.
Founded in:  2009

Hippy Market (Le Temple)
Kiloshop (Rive Gauche)

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