Bleach Vintage

Bleach Vintage is a small vintage store based at the corner of the Rue Saint Denis and Rue Rambuteau. Nearby, n 66 rue Saint-Denis, you will find Vintage Story, a great vintage supermarket that has been launched by the same team.

Bleach Vintage focuses on modern and new items (converse, t-shirt screen printing, denim shorts) at low prices. The clothes are mainly from the 80s and the 90s, but we also find items from the 40s, and creations (including the brand "Les Créations d'Eugenie).

Vendors are friendly and cheerful, and the clothes are clean, well sorted and highlighted. Do not forget to look up, many pieces are hanging in the heigh of the walls of the store! 

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Credit cards accepted Handicapped accessible French, English French, English

Address:  93 rue Saint-Denis - 75001
Stations:  Châtelet Les Halles
  RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D RER A, B, D

Opening hours Everyday from 11am to 8pm.
Phone number:  +33 (0) 140 390 614

Available for  Men, Women
Clothes origin / restocking:  Most of the shop items are from the U.S and the UK. However you will also find mottled jackets from Poland or Romania. Restocking is done every Friday.
Consignment Shop:  No

Pricing:  €€
What's in there:  A wide selection of vintage clothes and accessories from the 40s to the 90s. We will find here, china dresses from the 80s from 40€ to 60€, Levi's sleeveless jackets at 30€ and at 40€ with sleeves. Levi's shorts at 25€, leather jackets at 60€, Burberry trench at 80€, leather belts at 10€, scarves at 5€. There are also several creators brands such as "Les Créations d'Eugenie", and also the brand "Wasted". Upstairs we will find a wide selection of boots at 25€, Doc Martens from 20€ to 40€ and Converse at 15€. In terms of style, the floor is focusing on "Modern Hippy"! T-shirts are at 10€ and Levis retouched at 25€. Don't miss the selection of new vintage jewelry (from dead stock vintage).
Founded in:  March 2013
Opportunity to meet:  Tourists, students, people from the neighborhood ...

Vintage Story 66
The Vintage Factory

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